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Dubai - your partner for accelerated growth

Fast growth market

The Dubai Economic Agenda 2033 (D33) aims to double the emirate’s economy in the next decade, fostering competitiveness, diversification and sustainability, and positioning Dubai as one of the top three cities across various parameters. It will attract global talent and investment, establishing Dubai as a leading destination for digital economy ventures. Priorities will include innovation, AI and technology, alongside efforts to diversify trade routes by creating Future Economic Corridors with emerging markets.

Additionally, the Economist Intelligence Corporate Network (EICN) projects that the combined economies of the Middle East and Africa will expand by nearly 25% by 2027. By comparison, Europe and the US will grow by half that rate over the same period. Dubai is on the fast track to unmatched growth, thanks to D33, and strives to be the world’s fastest, safest and most connected city. It offers the best business environment for domestic and international investments and companies. Dubai aims to be a global leader in the digital sector by positioning itself as a hub for a sustainable, diverse, and productive economy.

Future looking

Dubai's vision for the future is to strengthen its position as a strategic priority for global business leaders. It remains committed to maintaining a leading edge in economic innovation and international investment. The city offers unmatched opportunities in the global economic arena. This positions Dubai as an indispensable destination for emerging businesses, investment and talent as well as an expansion nexus for global corporations.

No. 3

among top 10 wealthiest BRICS cities

No. 3

most prominent city globally

Global financial hub

As part of D33, Dubai’s ten-year economic transformation agenda, the city has ambitions to be among the top four global financial centres in the world. The plan focuses on growing the city’s already robust traditional financial services infrastructure and ecosystem while also boosting new-economy sectors like virtual assets and crypto with a priority for fintech.

This is evidenced by the wide array of homegrown fintech success stories, and more recently, global virtual assets companies that have chosen Dubai to be their home. Dubai’s unmatched potential allows both well-established business leaders and emerging innovators an unrivalled stage to showcase their brilliance.

Expanding your investment horizons

In the last few years, Dubai has taken a leadership role in digital assets regulation and made great strides. A key milestone was the launch of the world’s first independent virtual assets regulator, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). Dubai has also announced several programmes like Sandbox Dubai to boost innovation through the testing and marketing of new products and technologies. 

The city is home to the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a world-class ecosystem for fostering fintech innovation. The DIFC Fintech Hive has been instrumental in launching several stories, such as Mamo, Beehive and Sarwa.

With its progressive regulatory environment, ease of doing business and access to capital through accelerators and funds, Dubai continues to attract some of the world's fastest-growing and most innovative fintech companies, including hedge funds, family offices and asset management firms.

The prime destination for private capital

No. 1 city

Out of 50 cities globally, Dubai tops the list on ease of getting a visa for expatriates to move here

No. 1 country

The UAE has led the GEM National Entrepreneurship Context Index for three consecutive years

Long-term vision

Dubai is a beacon for innovation with its pro-business government and ambitious initiatives like D33 (Dubai Economic Agenda), aimed at doubling the city’s economy in the next decade. It provides a solid economic backbone, advanced infrastructure and progressive policies designed to stimulate growth.

The city’s business agenda focuses on key industries like biotech, education, healthcare, tourism, finance, logistics, manufacturing and space. Strategic investments and incentives support companies poised for rapid expansion, while an emphasis on digital transformation and technology adoption encourages innovation across sectors.

Ushering in a more resilient future

Dubai has carefully crafted strategies to ensure balanced growth across multiple fronts, with clear plans to guide the city’s trajectory over the next three, five, 10 and even 100 years. 
It also remains committed to elevating the standard of living by fostering short- and long-term happiness for residents and visitors alike. These goals for continuous development are outlined in the Dubai Urban Plan 2040, which aspires to make Dubai the world's ultimate destination for living and working.

Investing in a digital-first future

Under the D33 strategy, Dubai has created a scale-up programme for 30 companies to become global unicorns in new economic sectors within 10 years. These initiatives are set to add US$27.2 billion (AED100 billion) to the local digital economy annually. As the city rapidly evolves to be the global epicentre for innovation, specially launched projects like Sandbox Dubai will helm the testing and commercialisation of tomorrow’s technologies.

Continuing as a major attractor for leading Web3 and AI companies, the Dubai Metaverse Strategy aims to support more than 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030 – placing Dubai among the top ten international metaverse economies. It is also the world’s first city to establish an independent regulator for virtual assets – the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA).


digital start-ups to be attracted by 2024

Top 20

in most conducive economies to doing business

Access to top talent

Relative to its size, the UAE has the greatest influx of talent in the world – with 85% of the population comprising expatriates from more than 200 countries. Leading on several metrics related to workforce gender parity, it also offers a welcoming environment for women seeking to explore opportunities and establish themselves professionally.

Dubai consistently ranks among the world’s top cities with outstanding talent. It hosts offices of major multinationals and thousands of start-ups and SMEs, who all enjoy the availability of a qualified workforce. Businesses can tap into a rich pool of international expertise and diverse experiences, contributing to a culture of creativity and innovation. 

Nurturing talent with a focus on education and upskilling

Dubai’s reputation as one of the best destinations to live and work has been forged by providing professionals with unrivalled career opportunities in one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities on the planet. Its special visa programmes for students and qualified individuals – ranging from artists and creatives to coders – have been immensely successful in attracting top talent to the city. These include the 10-year Golden Visa for investors, entrepreneurs, highly skilled professionals and gifted students, and the one-year Remote Work visa. 

Vying for talent also means that average salaries and employment packages are extremely competitive. Incentives like zero income tax, mandatory complimentary health insurance and end-of-service gratuity make Dubai more attractive than other major talent hubs worldwide.

Developing a robust, future-ready workforce

Chic living meets exceptional entertainment

Key business activities

Explore varied options for investment opportunities in Dubai

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