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Guide to healthcare and wellness in Dubai

Dubai's health and wellness ecosystem focuses on patient-centric services committed to excellence and quality, ensuring optimal wellbeing for all.

Renowned hospitals

Popular clinics

Dental care

Numerous speciality dental clinics and private practices are available, like NOA Dental Clinic and Dr Joy Dental Clinic. Many hospitals in Dubai also provide comprehensive dental services. While dental treatments – particularly cosmetic procedures – are not covered in many basic insurance plans, some providers offer packages with dental coverage, like Cigna.

Maternity leave

Mothers in the city benefit from generous maternity leave and perks. Female employees are entitled to 60 days of maternity leave, 45 of which are fully paid, while 15 are half-paid. An extra 45 days of unpaid leave can be granted if a mother cannot resume work immediately due to illness. A further 30 days of paid leave is provided if the child is ill or has a disability.

Well-known pharmacies

Wellness and healthy living

Dubai offers a comprehensive range of fitness and wellness options, like gyms, personalised training programmes, world-renowned spas and advanced skin procedures.

Additionally, alternative medicine and holistic health clinics are present around the city, with everything from traditional Chinese medicine to Ayurveda and herbal treatments. There is no shortage of physiotherapy centres, rehabilitation facilities and nutritionists, as well as healthy eateries that cater to a better quality of life. 

Community in the spotlight

Living in Dubai means enjoying countless wellness initiatives and events, like races, run sessions and athletics championships. Popular citywide competitions and events include the Dubai Fitness Challenge, Dubai Run, Dubai Ride and the One Run-International Half Marathon. Weekly free activities, including yoga, hiking, camping and more, are offered at various locations, enabling both residents and visitors to improve their health and wellness. 

Top fitness centres

Best spots for yoga

Indulgent spas

Healthy eating

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