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Why Dubai is one of the best cities for expats

Dubai consistently ranks as one of the best cities to live in, offering exceptional safety and quality of living, world-class infrastructure, matchless social and economic services, and unrivalled lifestyle opportunities.

Personal safety and security

Dubai is ranked among the top five safest cities in the world, while the UAE itself was voted the second safest country globally. Notably, the city prioritises the personal safety of residents and visitors, with accessible spaces and activities for people of determination. It's also known for maintaining law and order, with approachable and proactive security and police services.

Gender equality 

Like the rest of the country, which ranks among the top 10 countries for gender balance, Dubai places an emphasis on the importance of equal opportunities, fostering a cohesive and collaborative environment for working and living. 

Everyday conveniences

The comfort of residents and visitors is a key priority here. Air conditioning is available at every location – from homes and offices, to public transport (including depots and stations) and shops, as well as fast WiFi and mobile connectivity in most spaces. Travellers can avail of city check-in services and choose from a wide range of hospitality options. Dubai also has numerous service-oriented businesses covering everything from fuel delivery to any location, to housekeepers and cleaning services or personal care and salon treatments.


Strict hygiene and sanitation standards are hallmarks of Dubai’s urban landscape, consistently ranking as one of the cleanest cities worldwide. Several waste management and street cleaning programmes have been implemented to ensure well-maintained roads, utilities, transport and public areas.

Hassle-free access 

Dubai offers convenience for residents and travellers through a network of apps and online platforms, ensuring easy access to daily essentials, government services and other assistance, thereby maximising accessibility and comfort. 

Feel at home in the city

Attractive cost of living

Dubai remains an extremely attractive option for employees and residents and their families because it is much more affordable than many similar cities around the world. Its booming real estate market also offers a wide variety of housing options that cater to every income group. 

Did you know?
Over the next 10 years, Dubai plans to build 200+ parks, open women-only beaches, construct 115+ km of pedestrian and cycling tracks, plant 3,000+ trees and more, as part of its Quality of Life Strategy 2033.

Relocating to Dubai

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