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Open a bank account in Dubai for personal use

Discover seamless banking solutions and exclusive benefits with a Dubai bank account.

How to choose the right bank for you

Choosing the best bank to open an account in Dubai requires careful consideration based on multiple factors and preferences: 

  • Proximity and accessibility of the bank's physical branches and ATM locations
  • Account types and associated features, such as minimum balance and penalties
  • Fees associated with the account, such as maintenance, ATM usage and wire transfers
  • Value-added perks and benefits, including financial planning assistance, reward programmes or innovative account features (free withdrawals from other bank ATMs and Air Miles, for example)
  • Ability to get personal loans in Dubai without a salary transfer to that specific account

Most companies already have their preferred banking partners, and new accounts for employees will be automatically opened at the same bank in order to deposit monthly salaries. However, this does not stop individuals from opening personal accounts at other banks.

General applicant requirements
Opening a bank account in Dubai is a straightforward process with clear rules and guidelines. Here are the most common requirements for applicants:
Documents required
At the time of setting up an account, Dubai banks require the applicant to submit the following documents (note: some have additional asks):

Common types of accounts

Current account

Ideal for frequent use, including day-to-day bills and expenses, ensuring seamless transactions and easy access to funds. Usually, this is a zero-interest account but comes with a chequebook facility.

Savings account

Designed for putting aside money and accumulating funds over time. Usually, this type of account does not come with a chequebook, but deposits can accumulate interest over time.

Joint account

This is an account usually operated by two individuals, most commonly married couples. In the UAE, to open a joint account, both individuals need to be physically present in the country and have valid residence visas.

Salary transfer

This is an account to which an employee’s salary gets credited, usually opened at the company’s preferred bank. Generally, a minimum salary of AED3,000 is required to open a salary account, but in general, it is not mandatory to have one.

General note

Residents in Dubai can open many different kinds of bank accounts, which come with different privileges, conditions and requirements. Information about each can be obtained from a bank’s website or by visiting a local branch.

Top banking institutions in Dubai

Numerous banks operate in Dubai, catering to diverse financial needs. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Steps to set up your bank account

  • Decide on the bank that suits your needs
  • Choose the type of account you want to open
  • Prepare the necessary documents and fill out the required forms
  • Wait to hear back from the bank with approval or further instructions
  • Ensure you follow bank rules and requirements to keep your account operational
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